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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 10, 2010 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> for more on this story, you can log on to our website at dateli that'sll for now. i'm ann curry. for all of us here at msnbc news, thanks for joining us. right now on msnbc saturday, capping the well. one man says all the oil could finally be contained by monday, all of it. is that possible? it's the economy, again. the president on the road talking jobs of what the new numbers this week tell us. quick action saved a life. teens jump into the rescue when they notice a toddler in trouble. the last straw. a shocking new tape that apparently catches actor mel gibson in a racist rant. good morning, everyone, i'm alex whit. welcome to "msnbc saturday."
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we have new and encouraging news on the 82nd day of the gulf oil disaster. if successful, the cap dubbed top hat number ten could have that leak completely contained by as early as monday. all this while bp says the first of two relief wells, our best bet for stopping this thing, could be finished by the end of the month. the retired coast guard admiral thad allen says construction might take until late august. and the texas coast guard says new lab tests show that most of the tar globs in texas the past few days are not from the gulf of mexico oil spill. more testing is going to be done to figure out exactly where they came from. and after a day of practice runs, the u.s. navy's blue angels are getting ready to take the sky this afternoon. and nbc's michelle franzen is live for us on pensacola beach this morning. and a good saturday morning to
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you, michelle. and with this local economy pretty hard hit by the oil spill, fewer tourists, all of that, how about the impact of today's air show. might that help things out? >> reporter: well, alex, good morning, they are definitely helping that the blue angels will draw a crowd. yesterday they had a practice run here. this morning, already, the sun is just now coming up and already people are coming out here with their coolers. some people even slept on the beach overnight to stake out their spot. this is the annual tradition here in pensacola beach. every year they have this home coming show. it is the second most revenue generated weekend of the summer for pensacola. and certainly it's not only something that the tourists and residents and locals look forward to but also the blue angels team. >> this is where all naval aviators start their career is here in pensacola. and from there, you'll go out to different places around the fleet, but it's always nice to come back home.
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especially here to the community and how everybody accepts you here in pensacola. >> we get to show everybody out here in the community what we do. and hopefully we get to draw a few people out to the beach. i've been out there and there hasn't been a lot of people coming out there. but hopefully we can get a whole bunch of people coming down to the beach. >> reporter: and back on the beach, many people are sharing the beach with cleanup crews this morning. there are still some oil and tar balls coming up onshore. they're trying to keep that clean. you can see the crews are starting to wrap that up this morning. but for the most part, the beaches are great, alex. and certainly they are hoping that the crowds will come on a typical year, maybe 150,000 would swell this area. hotels are filling up. but it's those condominiums, those rentals that are still about 50% off in occupancy. >> yeah. oh, gosh, i wish i were there. so exciting, those things like the blue angels shows. let's hope that brings people in. question to you about the cleanup effort. you've been reporting from there
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for so long, michelle, the efforts around the clock. do you still see that? do you have guys out there cleaning at 2:00 in the morning still? >> reporter: they are. i'm not always up at 2:00 in the morning, but certainly overnight right away, you can see the crews do still come out overnight. and there are certain patches of the beach up and down this area that are worse than others and they've done a really good job on this tourist stretch to keep the oil from the surface of the area. so they worked very hard on this stretch, but there are still patches of oil that are just coming in every morning on other stretches of the beach. >> are you finding great deals in the hotels and restaurants? is that one way they're trying to get people to still come? >> well, they certainly have guarantees if they're affected by the oil spill. but there are sales all around in many of these shops. i don't think that food prices or anything have gone down, but certainly in the boutiques and those stores, the sales are on. >> okay.
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michelle franzen in pensacola beach, thanks so much. more dangerous flooding is expected in south texas today because of the rain swollen rio grande river. the river has swamped rivers and elsewhere along the texas/mexico border. and affecting levels upstream and the river is still rising. a freak accident in pittsburgh has left one woman with burns over much of her body. the 43-year-old was standing on a sidewalk when an underground explosion sent flames shooting through a metal grate on friday. it engulfed her umbrella, melting it on top of her. the energy company blames a malfunctioning transformer. >> the weather sometimes can play a factor. in these underground vaults when you get a lot of rain, and a very quick downpour like that. sometimes they can cause problems. >> that woman is listed in stable condition. she's got first and second-degree burns to her face, arms, and legs.
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a family held a candle light vigil for chyron horman. it has been over a month since kyron was last seen. his parents told nbc they believe terry could be capable of hurting their son. terry told police she left him at his school on june 4th after an early morning science fair. the child has not been seen since. she may be banned from america, but anna chapman is setting her sights on another country. the redheaded spy wants to return to the uk where she spent seven years. the british government is now looking into ways to strip her citizenship. she was granted a passport after marrying an englishman back in 2003. her now ex-husband was the person who provided the topless photos to british tabloids which were then, of course, splashed around the world. it's back on the road for president obama next week who is heading to michigan, pushing his plan for economic recovery.
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friday, the president kept the focus on jobs. >> we're in a different place today than we were a year ago. an economy that was shrinking is now growing. we've gained private sector jobs for each of the past six months instead of losing them, almost 600,000 new jobs. but as harry pointed out, that's not enough. i don't have to tell you that. >> let's bring in mike at the white house for us. but he has been traveling with the president as we all know, mike. so what's been the response out there? >> well, it really depends on what response you're talking about. among the group of individuals in the room when the president is giving an address, the response as you might imagine is quite warm. but when he goes on the road now, alex, it's increasingly political and that is the undercurrent of everything the president is saying, even when the speech ises s oabout the e. and everything the white house has tried to do to get the
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economy back on the right track economically. that verdict won't come until november. the president was in kansas city, he was in nevada, he was helping democratic senate candidates robin carnahan and harry reid. harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate who has been in very hot water in nevada. the unemployment rate there among the highest in the nation. if not the highest in the nation at 14%. he's been in a lot of trouble. he's got a republican challenger favored by the tea party. he has been running behind in the polls. everybody thought pretty much he was dead meat. he's been making a comeback as of late. the president was out there raising $800,000 for him. but the argument on the economy essentially boils down to this. and it's almost become sort of a stump speech now that the president is giving. when i came into office as the president, the economy was bad, worse than we even thought, losing 800,000 jobs a month. we made some tough choices, they were unpopular, we had to pass the stimulus.
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things are getting better now, no thanks to republicans who voted against what we were trying to do. send harry reid and robin carnahan and others to congress to help me get this country back on the right track. that's essentially what's going on here. and from now until november, that's what we're going to be hearing from this white house. >> we'll be hearing more from you, as well. well, from the politics to the economy, a mixed bag when it comes to retail sales. the month of june starting off strong, but the buying trend starting to soften a bit by the second and third week. what is all of this about? joining me now, vera gibbons. let's get to the retailers, what does this tell you? >> some of these retailers had very aggressive promotions. pushing the loyalty programs, selling the one-of-a-kind items, the unique items, but others caught off guard as consumers are pulling back, restraining their spending a little bit. that's what's going on.
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overall, a lackluster result, and this unsold merchandise that is starting to pile up as you make the way to the back to school season. >> seems like earlier we would talk about a momentum that's been building. was that lost? >> we did see that in the beginning of the year when it looks like the economic recovery was taking hold. consumers were feeling relatively comfortable that this was going to have some staying power. they were actually paying full price in spring and feeling comfortable doing so. now they're feeling like, well, it's sort of two steps forward, four steps back, three steps forward, five steps back. so there's uncertainty about the momentum of the economic recovery. they're becoming more cautious and the retailers overall are treading water at this point. >> full price, is that a thing of the past? >> they've been trying to wean us off the discounts. and i would imagine where we are now would mean additional markdowns, promotions for the sustainable future until we see real job growth here, which is sort of eluding us. this is what's missing from the big picture. small businesses, which create about 75% of the new jobs,
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they're not hiring because they're up against taxes, fees, rules, regulations, all this ridiculous paperwork. and until there's a change in economic policy, these small businesses are not going to add to the head count. >> appreciate that. well, the party's heating up in miami. 13,000 cheering fans welcome lebron james last night as he took to the stage in a packed arena with his new miami heat teammates, dwyane wade and chris bosh. all three signed their six-year contracts with the miami heat last night. coming up this hour, a closer look at the spectacle and the impossibly high expectations for the stars, the new ones of miami. quick thinking by idaho teenagers, help prevent a parent's worst nightmare. they sprung into action after finding a toddler floating face down. grabbing that drowning 4-year-old, they managed to get him to land and that is where a third teen began cpr. >> we heard her yell and jumped out there and i picked him up and started coming back and
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handed him to my buddy, darren here. >> he was white. he had purple lips, not breathing. >> i think about my little sister being 4 years old and i would want nothing like that to happen to her. >> well, the toddler survived and is back with his parents. no life guards were in the area, though, at the time of that near drowning. tracking al qaeda, what new arrests in a terror plot are revealing about the organization. also, what investigators can't understand in that deadly crash with a tourist boat in philadelphia. plus the investigation into mel gibson after a racist and abusive rant reportedly by that star. it is posted online now. does his career survive this latest turn? and later, 15 surprising predictors that you will end up divorced. did you smile in your yearbook photo back in high school? we're taking a look at that and other warning signs here on "msnbc saturday." ♪
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the crew of a sunken tourist boat will be questioned by federal officials in philadelphia. one of the stories making headlines this morning. police divers removed a second body believed to be that of a young hungarian tourist from the delaware river. the second victim of the crash between a tourist duck boat and a barge. crew members smelling smoke and stopped that duck boat right before being rammed by the barge. authorities want to know why no distress call was sent. the faa will issue an order next week for all airlines to check cockpit window heaters for a loose screw. and blockbuster shares are now trading over the counter of the new york stock exchange d-listed the company after the average stock price fell below $1 for more than a month. angry stockholders are calling for an emergency meeting on the future of the video rental
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company. a series of arrests this week serves as a stark reminder of al qaeda's determination to attack the united states. officials in norway say a plot overseas has links to last year's would be bombing of the new york city subway system. let's bring in nbc news terrorism analyst. michael, good morning to you. these links between plots in europe and here. does this give us a scope about al qaeda's reach? is this -- can they go anywhere? >> it does remind us, again, alex, that they are everywhere. here we have arrests of this guy zazi trying to blow up the subway system in new york city. came from denver, had links in uk. and the plot originated in western pakistan. it reminds us they have networks all over the world. >> a naturalized u.s. citizen personally directed the failed bomb plot. we've been looking for guys since 9/11. why is it we can't find this guy right here?
7:18 am
>> adnan, you'll hear more of his name. we've known him at nypd prior to 9/11. he was involved in al qaeda after 9/11, he becomes a main suspect, a main wanted man by the u.s. and we haven't been able to find him. he's like bin laden, he's been very low profile and now apparently involved in this plot. and we're going to reintensify efforts to find this guy. he knows the area, that's what makes him more dangerous. >> there has been sort of rumor about this guy that he was the bin laden successor, do you see that as being true? >> i don't think he can be replaced. he's more the figure head, the father of the organization. but he is a very dangerous operative and we need to find this guy. >> we went to afghanistan nine years ago to stop attacks on the homeland. the plots keep coming. what did this say about this strategy? >> i think you're going to see the afghan strategy being debated this fall leading up to review in december.
7:19 am
and people are going to be asking, is afghanistan still the central part of al qaeda? do we need to occupy afghanistan in order to beat back the al qaeda threat? because these networks seem to be everywhere from denver to new york city. this originated in western pakistan where al qaeda still is, which is right next to afghanistan. so it's not going to be we're going to throw afghanistan out of the equation, but it's going to be part of this debate and the review coming up over the fall as to how central is this afghan military action? >> does intelligence give us any sort of sense of another impending attack? is it -- could it be close like a year, five years, a month? >> when i was at nypd, they'd ask me that all the time. when will be the next attack? all i could say is they're always out there looking for an opportunity. if they could attack us tomorrow, they would. they have these cells out there, every year or so we round some of them up. they're out there trying. but the good news is, these
7:20 am
cells need to coordinate. they need to communicate either by meetings or by cell phone or by computer. and when they do that, it makes them more vulnerable. and that's why we've been able to roll off these cells as part of the zazi investigation. when they communicate, they become vulnerable. >> michael sheehan, many thanks. still ahead, the race against time to save endangered turtles. we've got a live report from the environment expert jeff corwin coming up. and joy in miami, but elsewhere, the letdown won't let go. how will history view lebron james' decision to go play for the heat? and how many rings will he have to win to justify making that move? [ imitates tires screeching ]
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the company that makes tylenol is expanding its recall of children's products. the precautionary recall now includes 21 medicines, specifically children's tylenol, motrin, and benadryl allergy
7:24 am
tablets. a chemical in those pallets led to a musty and moldy odor. is mel gibson finished? that is the shocking question being posed by websites this morning following the release of audiotapes reportedly of the actor spewing racial slurs. let's get the details now from " "life in style weekly." >> it's no longer speculative, this tape exists. last week we heard this tape did exist, there had been excerpts from the transcript that were published. he is hurling racial and insults at the mother of his child. also in light of all of this, his agency has also dropped him. we just got word of that yesterday. so this signals pretty bad news for mel gibson. things have just gotten a lot worse for him.
7:25 am
>> and you used the word purportedly and you can use the word allegedly, when will that come? >> i think everybody's saying it's pretty much mel gibson. you hear his voice. >> and what's being said would be coming from him because -- >> absolutely, there's pretty much no question. >> pretty tough allegations here. but we do know a few years ago he had that anti-sematic comment he made. does it appear in these tapes he's drunk this time? >> it's unclear. it's going to be very interesting to see how his publicity team tries to spin this. but right now people are saying this is probably the end for mel gibson as far as his career goes. interesting to see what happens. this was the sexiest man alive, one time biggest movie star on the planet. and he actually has two movies coming out. one with jodi foster, and also slated for a movie with leonardo
7:26 am
dicaprio. >> imagine the questions he might get on the red carpet. what about lindsay lohan? she has not started her jail sentence yet, but there's buzz she could be making big bucks from this. what's going on here? >> that's right. we are talking about the potentially lucrative post-jail interview. now, reports surfaced yesterday that she might get up to $1 million for this interview. she's kind of holding out for that from what we've been hearing. but you have to be very careful when you walk this interview line. let's remember what happened with paris hilton. she'd been wanting that much money, she ended up having to give the interview to larry king for free. people don't like to pay for interviews, it's frowned upon big time. but you can work out deals with licensing. >> okay. what about a lady gaga video that's stirring up controversy? >> if you remember the "bad romance" video -- >> who can forget? >> well, lady gaga has the big
7:27 am
eyes, this doll look. what's going on now is that teens are going crazy for this look and buying things called circle lenses, which are contacts that cover the iris and part of the eyes. the problem, they are potentially dangerous. we have to draw the line when it can cause harm to your health. and what it can do is potentially cause infection and even cause maybe blindness. they're not fda approved. they come in different colors, they come in prescription strength, and that's why they are so dangerous. but you can get them online overseas for about $20 to $30 a pop. >> but in other words, don't. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> okay. thank you very much, dawn, as always. >> thank you. they're doing what they can to keep the animals cool in all of these scorching summer heat. animal curators at the zoo turned hoses on the elephants, and bears were given those popsicles.
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so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a brand new cadillac. now during cadillac's summer's best sales event... get zero percent apr financing for 72 months or this attractive lease offer on a cts sport sedan. it's m "msnbc saturday" and i'm alex whit. here are your fast five headlines. engineers are working to tighten that containment cap over the oil well gushing in the gulf. and it could lead to total containment by monday. peshawar, pakistan, two suicide bombers struck within seconds today leaving 102 people dead, 115 wounded. in iran, top human rights officials say the death by stoning sentence for a 42-year-old woman convicted of adultery is under review. he said converting stoning sentences to alternative punishments is common. more flooding and landslides
7:32 am
in southern china. tens of thousands evacuated. so far this year, about 400 people have died from flooding and landslides. and in australia today, a parachutist got caught up on power lines. she remained stuck there for an hour and a half before being rescued and suffered severe burns and was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. the incident knocked out power to 400 customers. and those are your fast five headlines. is the tide finally turning on the oil disaster? there is cautious optimism this weekend as crews embark on a new plan to contain the massive leak. let's get those details right now. and with a good morning to you, what does this new plan involve? >> good morning, alex. this is all about containment. right now there's this existing containment cap on that well. and it's doing a pretty decent job of capturing oil. what they want to do is swap it out for a better, more efficient containment cap with a tighter seal. they're calling this one top hat number ten. how is that for a name?
7:33 am
and they're hoping that that along with another surface vessel they're going to connect to that busted well will be able to contain virtually all of that oil. now, this is about containment. it's not about shutting down the source of that oil, that would come in the form of these relief wells that they're currently working on. this week, bp has said they're a little bit ahead of schedule, that they could possibly be done by the end of july, about two weeks earlier than they had said before. and if that is the case, that well would be permanently shut down. this weekend is all about containment, increasing containment so they're capturing all of that oil and none of it is leaking into the waters here. alex? >> that's good news, at least for the moment. what about the coast guard using this new containment tool literally from the skies to help monitor things? >> yeah, well, this is about monitoring. it's a blimp. so they've brought in this navy blimp that can hover, it can hover at lower altitudes and some aircraft. and it can help them spot oil
7:34 am
slicks so they can then get vessels out there to start cleaning it up. they're hoping this will make their clean-up operation more efficient, they have this low altitude blimp, it can hover at lower altitudes, help them identify spots that need cleanup and get vessels out there right away. they just started using it. so yet another tool in the fight to clean up this mess here, alex. >> i look at the bottom of our screen and we talk about disaster in the gulf day 82, which means it's pushing about three months since this happened. how are people there dealing? how are they reacting these days? >> reporter: you know, what you hear a lot of people say is this is worse than katrina because there's no end. there's no point where they can say, okay, this is the damage, and now we have to figure out how to clean up. it just keeps going on and on. and i should remind you that it took us about a month before we started seeing the effects of this oil on the shores, the oil-covered birds and the oiled marshes. so you have to think that what we're seeing is always a month
7:35 am
behind. because it took about a month for the first pictures to come in. so we have about a month behind that's coming out. so people here are just really very frustrated that there is no end point so at least they know what they're dealing with and they can work toward rebuilding their lives. >> good perspective there. thank you. in just a few minutes here on "msnbc saturday," an endangered species of turtles rescued from the oil spill. how are those creatures doing now? jeff corwin will join us live with that story. police in los angeles think the murder suspect dubbed the grim sleeper could have an even deadlier track record. faces ten counts of murder for a killing spree that goes back to the mid-1980s. and now detectives are reopening 30 cold cases to see if he could be the killer. police will use franklin's dna to see if it matches dna found at the murder scenes. an 87-year-old woman in oregon is dead after police
7:36 am
jolted her with a stun gun. police were responding to a call that the woman was threatening people with a gun. the woman, rather, had a pacemaker and had heart disease, but he's not sure what role the tasering played in her death. well, the father of sarah palin's grandson is apparently playing nice with alaska's most famous family after a series of bomb shell interviews after his breakup with bristol palin. he now says "against my better judgment, i publicly said things about the palins that were not completely true. i've already privately apologized to todd and sarah. since my statements were public, i owe it to the palins to publicly apologize." but he isn't saying exactly which of his many bomb shells was a lie. well, good morning, holly. >> good morning. >> first of all, the motivation behind this apology and the timing. why now? >> well, there have been rumors for weeks that levi and bristol are back together. bristol is living back in
7:37 am
anchorage and so he is. part of it is how they reconciled. i think the bigger picture is, is sarah palin trying to get her problems quieted? as she probably plots a 2012 election run. you know, so none of us really know. that statement was very limited. we don't even know what he was, you know, not saying what the truth was about. >> well, let's go to a couple of things he had said in the past. he said todd and sarah palin were on the verge of divorce. he said that sarah palin referred to her son trig who has down syndrome, the word she used was retarded. and we don't know which of these many statements he is retracting. has he gone public at all and said which one was a lie? >> not at all. he just issued this one statement and nothing further. and we talked to many of these organizations that interviewed him. they don't know if they don't need to issue a correction or what. it's all very mysterious. >> part of this may be a result
7:38 am
of bristol palin's statement she released this week saying co-parenting, if a mistake is made, the honorable thing to do is to own up to it. what do you make of that statement? >> well, i think it adds fuel to the rumors they're back together. again, we don't really know what's going on. this is a part of sarah palin's life and family life we don't really know much about. you know, but it wouldn't be surprising, you know, if you see them together if she sort of announces a 2012 run. >> i'm really curious, could you put yourself in oh, inside the dining room at the palin house? i mean, really, what was put out there was so volatile and very hurtful from sarah palin's perspective and bristol's, as well. do you really see levi sitting around the family table there? >> well, i don't think you can really avoid it. he is the father of her child. it just depends. again, he's issued the statement, he said he apologized.
7:39 am
it is a question. in the statement he mentions specifically trust. i've lost her trust. and he's asking for them to trust him again. it's anybody's guess what's going on. this is something that sarah palin and her family don't really talk about. >> we are with you, though, holly. thank you so much for that. >> thank you. now to the most unusual roll call as the cadets fall in line, so do a few ducks. and they march in step to keep pace. it's a scene that makes the cadets quack up. here on "msnbc saturday." [ male announcer ] looks clean.
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as bp continues working to contain that raging oil leak in the gulf of mexico, wildlife advocates are focusing on endangered sea turtles. hundreds have been killed and thousands more are threatened. joining me live now from new orleans is msnbc science and wildlife expert jeff corwin.
7:43 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex, how are you? >> i'm great. and i'm glad to see you there. i know you were trying to rescue all of these little sea turtles and you got five of them rescued, right? >> reporter: it was an incredible experience. yesterday we headed out with the department of wildlife and fisheries with one of the marine biologists and we rescued five amazing sea turtles. all of them were covered with oil. but i'm very happy to report they're all doing splendidly or better, swimmingly. and i'm here with michelle kelly. she's actually a marine biologist with the aquatic center. and we're holding these incredibly precious survivors. do you see this turtle right here, alex? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is a green turtle. incredibly endangered. we have problems this morning. this is an incredibly endangered
7:44 am
species. there are seven sea turtles on our planet, five frequent the waters right here in the gulf of mexico. the turtle that michelle is holding is the most endangered species on the planet. now, i just wanted michelle to speak to us about what are the challenges you face in trying to save these turtles? >> well, the main habitat is the gulf of mexico. and if we release it right now, the animals no matter where we release it will go right back into the gulf of mexico. so we're housing them right now because we have nowhere to put them. it is their habitat, it is nesting season. >> it's nesting season right now? >> yes, and these are critically endangered animals. that's really the biggest challenge currently. >> it truly was an amazing experience, alex, to be out there with the first responders, saving these turtles, and follow them through this incredible story as they get that much closer to success and hopefully freedom. but again, alex, the waters of
7:45 am
the gulf are polluted. despite the fact that the sea turtles have been saved, it may be a long time before they see freedom again. to see them survive gives us hope. >> i think that's so great. how many -- do you have a sense of how many are out there, jeff? and how many you think can be saved? >> reporter: well, that's a very, very good question. again, the gulf waters are very important to five species, the species michelle is holding are critically endangered. i'll tell you this, maybe 10,000 to 12,000 of these left on the planet. >> less than that. >> reporter: that's how endangered they are. how many do you have here at the center? >> as of last night with all of y'all's efforts and everything, we are up to 80. >> 80 turtles. >> reporter: so look at this. 10,000 turtles, 80 of them right here. that's a significant representation of this species. and of how important this project is. sea turtles are very endangered, they're losing habitat, they get
7:46 am
hunted. these turtles get caught up in fishing nets, and now they're dealing with this oil spill. >> it's so good to see them, though, nice and clean and pristine and flopping -- what are those called? what are those? it's not their wings, what are they called? flippers? >> you could almost consider them wings, they're flippers. as a bird would fly through the air, these turtles will fly through the sea water as they survive. amazingly, one of the life forms that they truly rely on for survival is seaweed. and that's the big problem. when we found this green turtle, they were mired up in oil that gets entangled in the seaweed. it's really a deadly combination. but, again, we got there in time with the louisiana wildlife fisheries to save these sea turtles. and now they go into the second step of survival at the nature institute.
7:47 am
>> it's all good. and jeff corwin, you're such a nice guy to cover up my analogy to wings. they're flippers. i was about to say have another coffee, i need it. thank you. after the latest developments in the gulf spill disaster, check out our special website, log on to good-bye cleveland, hello, miami. you know what we're talking about, right? it was a welcome fit for a king. miami says hello to the newe ee superstar lebron james. there was smoke and screaming fans. he was joined by the heat's two other shining stars, dwyane wade and chris bosh. >> i'm not just up here blowing smoke to any of these fans because that's not what i'm about. because i'm about business and we believe we can win multiple championships if we take care of business and do it the right way. >> kevin johnson joins me, sports reporter for the "new york daily news." good morning to you. >> good morning.
7:48 am
>> a lot of people want to know. lebron wants to win multiple championships, right? how many does he have to win to justify ditching out cleveland? >> he's on the record of saying they can win seven now. realistically, i think three or four if everything comes together. >> in this six-year period when you have three superstars together? >> if everything goes smoothly and they find the right pieces. they're working at a disadvantage. they've all taken less money, but they're going to have to find a fair amount of pieces to fill out the roster and actually get the complementary guys. >> you know sports, give me a perspective historically. look down the road. when you think about this, is lebron james better off meeting up, hooking up with these other superstars or going at it alone and being the superstar of a team? representing a whole city, a state? >> players and basketball people will say if you want the true legacy, you do it on your own and you get those pieces to come to cleveland. and those all come together, then you can compete with michael and magic and larry as
7:49 am
the guys who were able to, you know, stay at home and bring a title to a place that didn't have it before. he's going there and now he's viewed as scotty pippen. if he can, you know, do it again, it's still going to be dwyane wade's team, it's derek jeter and alex rodriguez all over again. alex rodriguez may be the all-time better player, but championships and the medal to win. >> how often do you think we're going to see covers like the one today? the front page, the new kingdom. and you know, of course you're referring to the king, lebron james, but he's got these three guys. do you think he will be able -- given the caliber of these players -- break out and be the singular top of the heap, if you will? >> he's the self-titled king. it's more of a branding thing that's even been done even since the day in high school. he was the chosen one, put on the cover as a senior in high
7:50 am
school. and in that wake, that's fine in terms of image and marketing, but until he wins the championship, he's still dwyane wade's side kick at this point. and it's really going to be viewed that way. smith, the general manager of the orlando magic questioned even lebron james as ot is smith questioned lebron james as a competitor. he thought he was one the greats who would be in the conversation with jordan. a lot of people are taking him out of the jordan conversation because of that. >> can we talk about cleveland and the reaction there? fans ripping up and lighting afire his jerseys. they are hopping mad. >> you talked about the front of the miami paps. the front of the cleveland plain dealer, full page, him turping his back to the city and said one word, gone. there's a small graphic next to it said seven years in cleveland, no rings and pointed at his hand. jerseys are being burned, huge billboard that says witness part of his nike marketing campaign
7:51 am
and four police cruisers were parked out of the building to protect it that night. cleveland was burning, quite literally over that. >> absolutely. kevin armstrong with the "new york daily news." thanks so much. five people injured during the running of the bulls in spain. it's the fourth day of the famous run and it lasted 2:53. none of those injured was gored but were treated at a local hospital. it swells with people each year to enjoy the festival and run for their lives. yeah, that's fun. ♪ aloha, surfboards and skis. ♪ welcome, strollers and sippy cups. ♪ the nissan rogue's interior can be reconfigured dozens of different ways to handle whatever life throws at it... no matter which life you're living today. the award-winning nissan rogue -- now with up to $2,500 total customer savings
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a new article posted on the daily beast highlights 15 surprising predictors of divorce. and statistics show divorce doesn't necessarily hinge on the way couples face each other. couples with two sons faces 36.9% likelihood of divorce. however couples with two daughters, likely to divorce is
7:55 am
6.2% higher. dr. jeff guardier, contributor to the "today" show. good morning. what's with the daughters versus sons? >> they don't know quite what the statistics mean. it shows in fact there are higher divorce rates when it comes to having daughters. some of the researchers believe that it's this phenomenon of praising sons more and giving more value to having sons. in certain parts of the world they put infant daughters to death. so they believe that's part of this reason. the other part of the reason being that girls tend to bond more with their mothers and become more of the familiar eye unit. so fathers may not feel as attached to the daughters as they should. >> that's interesting. >> the daily beast writes, if you didn't smile for photographs early in life, your marriage is five times more likely to endn divorce than if you smiled intensely in early photographs.
7:56 am
is this an optimism. >> it is about optimism. one, if you do small more, you can deal with stress at certain parts of your life better. and secondly, you get along with other people better, and smiles are contagious and bring healthy attitudes towards marriages. >> let's look at divorce rates by profession. in this article it suggests dancer and chore yoeographers, massage therapists and bell hops and look at those risks and then agricultural engineers on the low end, optometrists, nuclear engineers. i'm drawing something from this, the obvious, you have access -- i don't want to say access, but you're in a position where you're around people. >> that's exactly what again the
7:57 am
researchers believe that the more you have access to people instead of being more singular such as being an engineer or something, in you're a dancer, you're around people and bodies all the time. also, there's this issue of how much money do you really make? and we know most dancers don't make a lot of money. they do it for art. they are exposed to more people and make less money. those two factors can impact a relationship. and they think it's not so much the occupation at times but it can be about the race and gender and so on. there are personalities going on. this is so fascinated. you're going to come back in the 9:00 hour. these are all interesting. >> and they are all to some except real. >> jeff, thank you. there's a new twist in the so-called of the barefoot bandit. it looks like his two-year long crime wave and catch me if you can attitude has hit the caribbean, still one step ahead
7:58 am
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